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“Awaken to darkness on this place we call Earth, One vampire’s bite brings another one’s birth. A vampire wakes with blood thirsty needs On the warm rich sensation he feels when he feeds. He stalks in the night like a disatrous beast, And what once was alive will soon be deceased. So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky, You better watch out unless you want to die.” -Victoria Boatwright
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Mythology | Valkyrie 

Valkyries (from the Old Norse Valkyrja, in Norse mythology, daughters of the principal god Odin, are often called Odin’s maidens. At his bidding, they flew on their horses over the fields of every battle to choose the souls of the heroic dead. Belief in the existence of magic horsewomen from heaven was widespread in Germanic and Scandinavia cultures, though they were called by different names.

The Valkyries carried out the will of Odin in determining the victors in battle and of course the war.  As each Valkyrie performed differing tasks according to Odin’s instruction, it was their prime duty to ride into the battlefield and choose the fallen heroes of the field. To be chosen by a Valkyrie and carried off on her white steed to Valhalla was considered an honor to the dying Viking warrior, for Valkyries only chose the bravest of the slain, gathering souls found deserving of an afterlife. They traveled far-and-wide searching for the dead in battlefields, oceans and seas for mortal men worthy of the grand hall. However, if the Viking warriors are deemed unworthy by the Valkyries, the goddess Hel in a cheerless underground world received them after their death. [x]

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FAIRYTALE MEME: 3/3 locations

↳The Sea Kingdom from The Little Mermaid

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Supernatural fans, ever wonder why the boys are named Winchester? Not only is it a brand of gun but there’s a famous ghost story that goes with it

Sarah Winchester, wife of the gun-maker William Winchester, visited a medium after her husband died of tuberculosis. She was told that the family was cursed and being haunted by people who had been killed with Winchester rifles. The psychic said the ghosts could be appeased if she built a house for them. “Never stop building,” she was told “or you’ll die”

For the next 38 years she had construction going on the home 24 hours a day

Each night she held a seance to ask the ghosts what to build next. Because she let the dead design much of the house the layout doesn’t always make sense

There are staircases that lead to ceilings

doors that open onto walls

and one that leads to a two story drop off

Sarah Winchester slept in a different room every night hoping the ghosts wouldn’t be able to find her. In 1922 she died in her sleep

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Tucked away on the fringes of NYC and frequently ignored by City politicians, Staten Island seems the perfect breeding ground for chilling urban legends. The most-chilling of all may just be that of Cropsey.

Cropsey was the ghoul to end all ghouls. An escaped mental patient living in the empty Willowbrook Mental Institution, he was said to creep out at night and quietly ‘disappear’ children – hauling them away into the inky blankness of the institution, never to be seen again. In some variations, he had a hook for a hand. In others he carried an axe. But what’s truly terrifying about Cropsey is that he was real.

In 1972, children began vanishing from Staten Island. In total, five disappeared. The kidnappings were ultimately linked to local criminal Andre Rand, who is currently serving a 50-to-life sentence. Although he was never convicted of murder, Rand remains a prime suspect in the deaths of all five children. Chillingly for the residents of Staten Island, this urban legend managed to step out of their nightmares and into reality.

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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Built between 1858 and 1881, this asylum is well known for being the largest hand-cut stone masonry building in the entirety of North America. While it was originally built as a safe haven for the mentally ill, it eventually became a nightmare to most of it’s patients. The original hospital was build to accommodate only 250 patients, but it reached it’s peak of 2,400 patients in the 1950’s. Although the building was beautifully built with many windows to allow light, the conditions were terrible, as overcrowding caused living conditions to deplete.

This particular asylum was known well for it’s women’s ward in the early years. In those days, men could have their wives committed for just about anything. Depression, greed, menopause, asthma, inheritance, etc. A man could fall in love with the woman next door or just get tired of his wife and drop her off at the front doors. These women would spend the rest of their lives behind the asylum walls. The only person with permission to check them out were their husbands, who left them behind.

While the medical practices used on mental patients were renowned as “breakthrough operations” in their time can now only be described as cruel. The most popular method of treatment for the worse patients was Lobotomy, which was an operation done on the brain that severed ties to and from the prefrontal cortex. This was meant to cause a calmed state in the patients. However, for the most part, patients that underwent this surgery were thrown into a permanently vegetative state. Many patients were also exposed to shock therapy and other generally torturous experiments and treatments. Additionally, patients that could not be controlled were thrown in cages for days, some even weeks.

The asylum was finally closed in 1994 and is now mostly used to paranormal tours, but is otherwise abandoned. As can be expected from such a wretched place, there are literally hundreds of different paranormal accounts regarding the grounds. People have reported hearing women screaming “help me” and “get me out of here.” A woman on a paranormal tour claimed that she heard a young woman begging “please call my husband.” Additionally, people touring the buildings have reported feeling followed and feeling someone breathing down the back of their neck. The head paranormal investigator in the area reports the spirit of a 9 year old girl that he regards as a very active spirit. Born in the asylum, she lived a short life before succumbing to pneumonia. The investigator states that he’ll ask the young girl, named Lily, to do tasks. These tasks include tapping on walls/windows, turning a flash light on and off, and once tugging on the investigator’s hair. She was able to complete these tasks almost every single time he asked.

For more information on the hospital and tours, click here.

photo source

Additionally, the rad people over at unexplained-events have an actual list of reasons for admission to the Asylum dating all the way back to the 1800’s. Click here to check that out!

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Sawney Bean

As the legend goes, Alexander “Sawney” Bean grew up in a town just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. With no interest in making an honest living, he ran away with a woman to a one-mile-deep cave in the mountains. There they would produce their infamously large, incestuous family of cannibals.

The family supported themselves by robbing and murdering travelers, and even the locals. They would butcher their victims and pickle the flesh to be eaten later. Unwanted limbs were thrown into the sea and occasionally washed up on nearby beaches.

After nearly 25 years of killing and eating innocent travelers, the Beans were discovered when a man and woman traveling from a local fair were ambushed by the family. The woman was quickly murdered and had her innards eaten by the females. The man, however, fought back and was saved when a larger group of fair travelers passed by and came to his rescue.

The travelers reported to King James IV what had happened. The King then sent nearly 400 men and bloodhounds to the Beans’ cave, where they found barrels of pickled flesh, limbs hanging from the ceiling, and piles of money collected from the victims. The Beans did not fight back upon being found and were taken to Edinburgh where they were to be executed. 

The death of the Bean family was brutal and gruesome, much like the way that they killed their victims. The men had their arms and legs cut off and were left to die in agony. The women were forced to watch the execution of the men and were burned alive afterwards.

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here are the full 26 illustrations i did for my school project! (i took some pics of the printed book which you can view here)

i did an A to Z illustration book of singapore’s famous urban legends and ghosts, some of which are pretty creepy and kept me up at night lol but it was worth it, i learned a lot of cool folklore and had fun drawing these characters :’D

since tumblr restricts file resolutions, i uploaded a bigger version over here! the feedback i got from the crit was that i should’ve added a small description of each of the ghosts, so if any of you are interested in finding out more of these guys, do drop me an ask!

[EDIT]: here is the pastebin link containing the descriptions of all the stories i’ve gathered about these urban legends, so you’re welcome to read up on all of them!

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mythology meme:  [5,6/9] deities

↳ Hypnos and Thanatos

Hypnos (Ὕπνος) and Thanatos (Θάνατος) are, respectively, the personifications of sleep and non-violent death; the twin sons of the goddess Nyx, they live in the Underworld, in a place where the rays of the sun and the moon will never touch. Out of the two, Hypnos is said to be the gentler one, although both are ruthless in their own right.

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Mythology Picspam  Lilith

The Garden blossoms well, my dear, as there you wait for me. But do not think to take my soul, I will not bow to thee. (x)

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